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Obsidian Chunks 100gm

Obsidian Chunks 100gm

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This beautiful crystal is naturally occurring glass. Before mankind figured out how to make glass, Mother Nature was already doing it!

At Artopia Spirit we sell Obsidian in its raw form for collectors of crystals, for spiritual work and for use in mosaic art.

GeneralObsidian has many associations and mythological stories surrounding it. Fans of Game of Thrones would know obsidian as Dragon Glass. In reality, stone-age man began using obsidian to make tools and spearheads way before George R.R. Martin dreamt up his epic fantasy stories.  Obsidian is associated with PROTECTION & releasing disharmony, resentment, fear and anger.  

For Mosaics:  its highly lustrous, reflective undulating surface lends itself to textural mosaics. You can use it as an alternative to black smalti or can combine it with other materials to give your work an extra dimension.  You can use a hammer and hardie to cut it into small pieces, or you can wrap a large piece in a towel and strike it with a hammer Once you have broken it into smaller pieces you can use your wheeled glass nippers to cut it up.

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