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Lapis Lazuli "teardrop" Pendant

Lapis Lazuli "teardrop" Pendant

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Lapis Lazuli Alchemia Pendant by Charles Albert

This beautiful Lapis Lazuli pendant is designed by Charles Albert and fabricated in Mexico by skilled artisans. It is made from a blend of Fine Sterling Silver, which is 95% pure silver and has some other metals to make the blend more durable. This gold one is made with a mix that is patented by Charles Albert and is called Alchemia, which is gold in colour throughout, as opposed to plated gold, which will rub off or tarnish. 

The workmanship of this pendant is high quality. You will be thrilled by the look and the feel

You can team your pendant with either one of Charles Alert's a sturdy chains or with a high quality stylish collar.

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This Pendant is set with a high quality Lapis Lazuli crystal. 

Lapis Lazuli

"I am great for improving memory and the intellect and I help you speak the truth. Wear me to protect yourself against people who wish ill of you. I can alleviate stress and support you if you suffer from depression.”

35 x 18 cm

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