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Great White Egret Original Artwork by Helen Bellino

Great White Egret Original Artwork by Helen Bellino

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This Great White Egret is made of hundreds of little pieces of plastic that I collected on the beach below the cliffs where I saw this magnificent bird. I live on Phillip Island, in Victoria's Bass Coast and the ocean beaches are on first glance, are wild and pristine, but, if you walk along the high tide mark you find little pieces of weathered plastic that wash in and out of the ocean. They're only noticeable when you start to really look. Over the course of a year I have picked up thousands of these and have begun incorporating them into my artworks.

This work is made on a very large canvas and would suit a spacious wall in a modern house. Not only will you be buying an original work of art, you will be raising awareness of the debris that is polluting our oceans, and contributing to its clean up.

As 10% of this sale goes to our charity, Artopia Angels, it will also buy food for two families in Bali for one month.

Contact me if you would like more information

Size :182cm x 90cm

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